“Is Allah God?” 5 Reasons I Am Convinced (A Primer to a Much Larger Conversation)


The Institute of Middle East Studies

A number of years ago, upon learning of my intention to pursue the academic study of Islam, a dearly beloved relative of mine felt compelled to ask:

“Is Allah God?”

This question took me by surprise, for I felt as though I was being put to the test, as if my evangelical credentials were being put on trail.

However, I have come to understand that this question comes from a place of legitimate concern about moral relativism, compromise, and a desire to be faithful. I, however, have also come to understand that, as a result of who my lord and savior is, the closer we grow in faithfulness and commitment to him, the closer we in-fact find ourselves in the midst of those ‘not like us’ with arms outstretched in love, hearts full of grace, and minds ready to listen. 

Therefore, as a committed follower of Christ, 5 reasons I…

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