Missio Dei and the Palm Tree: The Increasingly Gendered Roles in Western Christianity

I don’t know if anyone else experiences life as I do – in phases where everything seems to attend to a particular issue, and I can’t get away from it, no matter how I try. As a Christian, I believe this is not the ‘universe speaking’ but in fact God directing my attention. So, after reading about the purported “princess” women of Hillsong Church from the view of Macquarie University Religion scholar Marion Maddox, I was bombarded by gender issues.

I finally admitted it was happening after reading a quote in an American friends’ facebook photo collection. She is a talented young worship leader, and I asked her if I could share the image. She said she would not only be OK with that, but she’d like to read the responses. So I feel safe to raise this discussion about an issue that deeply grieves me.

Let me just say…

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